Total SEC Filings and Events Processed

Instant SEC Filing news, feeds, and alerts

MarketBrief analyzes up to 100,000 pages of SEC Filings per day. Interesting items and breaking news are found in filings within a fraction of a second.

2,000-3,000 breaking news articles derived from SEC Filings per day
Our system follows events in both public and private companies
0.8-0.9 Seconds
The average time it takes our system to break a new story after a document is discovered
500,000+ Companies
Public and private companies covered by MarketBrief
10,000,000 SEC Filings and documents analyzed to date
100,000,000 historical documents within the MarketBrief database

"The start-up that may just put Bloomberg - or more accurately its reporting staff - out of business."

Forbes, 2011

… instead of simply presenting you with that document in its original form, MarketBrief will automatically generate a more easily-digestible article based on the important data.
by Jason Kincaid, Techcrunch - 08/11
… The kinds of data MarketBrief is gleaning is not only fascinating to the average reader but essential to those who need legal, accounting and competitive intelligence information about public companies.
by Jolie O'Dell, VentureBeat - 08/11
… Aside from speed, MarketBrief has another major advantage over human reporters: the ability to correlate huge amounts of data. A report of insider trading can comb through previous reports for the same company and the same person to provide history of other possibly related trading activity. This is work that could easily take a human an hour or two.
by Erik Sherman, BNET - 08/11
… I want this. Xconomy likes to inform readers when local startups raise money, so I spend part of every weekday scanning and rewriting the information in Form Ds, the SEC disclosures that private companies must file when they sell equity. I'd be elated to turn this part of my job over to software.
by Wade Rouch, Xconomy - 08/11
… The start-up churns out 1,000 articles per day, each in less than a second, and already boasts several major news outlets and financial organizations as users.
Nicole Perlroth, Forbes - 08/11
… but MarketBrief will beat a human journalist to the punch every time…
by Jacob Aron, New Scientist - 08/11
… Users of the site include retail investors, bankers, and corporate executives, who can find all sorts of otherwise ignored information in easily digestible form, sometimes to the chagrin of the companies that filed the information in the first place.
Inside Investor Relations - 08/11
In three seconds - faster than any ink stained reporter - the program pushes the article to the media outlet or hedge fund
Forbes Magazine - 9/26/11

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We understand some private companies would like to remove any article mentioning their name. We're sorry, these type of requests cannot be accommodated. If there is an error in the reporting, we will be glad to correct the data.

We only use public information for our articles. If we are reporting on your company, your company has filed an SEC Filing or other public document.